Guest Lecture at University of Bamberg on Monday

I will be talking about 

“The Social Workforce at IBM – A Research Perspective on Building a Social Business”

This will be an overview talk about our transition from a “social” to a “smarter workforce” and IBM Research’s role and contributions. I’ll be touching upon our past research on social computing in the enterprise and present some more recent work that focuses more on workforce aspects.

I will be attending Connect 2014

Looking forward to attending our annual ICS conference Connect 2014 from Jan 26 – Jan 30, 2014. It’s always exciting to connect with customers and discuss the latest and greatest around social collaboration and smarter workforce. I will be giving two talks and you can also see our latest research in the Innovation Lab together with a bunch of other cool Research demos.

SWF404 : Measuring the Pulse of Your Workforce

Employee feedback is critical for successful decision-making in today’s complex business environment. Making sense of that feedback and reacting to it can be challenging, but ultimately it will increase employee engagement. Research shows that engaged employees deliver better business results. We will discuss various technologies and approaches for understanding the voice of your employees, ranging from Kenexa’s latest Survey Analytics product to late-breaking research on measuring employee engagement from social media. The combination of these technologies forms an employee engagement suite. Depending on your business needs, this suite can provide workforce insights from yearly surveys to more real-time understanding through social media analytics.

SB305 : The Power of Visual Analytics: Making Sense of Big Data

In this age of big data, businesses can make data-driven decisions to an extent never before possible. Business leaders and decision makers can apply state-of-the-art analytics to their data, yet face the challenge of understanding the complexity and implications of that data. IBM Research has been working on innovations in visual analytics to bring out the meaning in numbers and text. In this session, we present some of our newest visual analytics technologies that allow you to explore, quickly gain insight, make decisions and take action. We will look at visual analytics in the areas of talent acquisition and retention, social media, and financial and operational risk.

IBM Innovation Lab

Location: Dolphin – Asia 3

Meet IBM experts in social science, visualization, advanced analytics, and other cutting-edge technologies that will transform today’s companies into tomorrow’s smarter workforces. Exchange ideas with our top researchers and developers from around the world, see our latest prototypes, and discuss how they might solve your top business challenges.