Hi, I am a Principal Research Staff Member and Senior Manager at IBM Research in Cambridge, MA. On this site you can find some details about my professional experience on my LinkedIn or Google Scholar profiles. Note that opinions expressed on this site are my own and not my employer’s.

I’m currently leading the AI Interaction team in Cambridge,MA and Yorktown, NY.  I am also global strategy lead for Human-Centered AI at IBM Research. My team is an interdisciplinary group of HCI & ML researchers, software engineers, and designers. Our research is situated at the intersections of Artificial Intelligence and User Experience. We are leveraging AI to build intelligent interactive systems and visual experiences that help us study and understand human AI interaction. We are exploring models and experiences that are explainable, trustable and learn from user interactions with the goal to inform the future design and construction of intelligent systems, tools, and platforms.

In addition to my role as a second line research manager and strategy lead, I also have experience working with HR on AI projects and initiatives around recruiting, employee engagement, onboarding including leading the AI recruiting program jointly with HR.